Horizontally Opposed Engine 115hp/2850rpm/76kg


Fuel Supply Method: Compatible with bottom sucking type and horizontal  CV/VV carburetors as well as fuel injection systems.

Fuel Supply Circuit:External-mount mechanical fuel pump and parallel-circuit electric fuel pump.

Ignition Circuit:Duo electromagnetic type ignition distributor and delayed ignition timing device.

Lubrication and Protection Circuit:Complete lubrication system include
oil filter, oil filter bypass valve, relief valve, oil suction screen, and oil splashing nozzle.

Hydraulic Tappet Maitenance:Remove the rocker arm and pushrod in
sequential order and then take out the tappet using  tools.

Check and adjust if necessary.

Starting Motor: External Mount 1.2kw

Generator: External Mount 12Vdc, 80A

Exhaust Pipe: Can adapt design to customer needs.